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8GB SD Card

Suitable for use with the In-Car Video Recorder.

Battery Recharger with Batteries

Recharge your rechargeable batteries. Include batteries
£14.99 £9.99

Heated Gloves

Our gloves feature an advanced battery operated heating system, which circulates gentle warmth around the hands.

Iron Log Holder

Garden Trading - iron log holder
£59.99 £45.00

Iron Log Holder

Garden Trading - iron log holder

Magnetic Gas Level Indicator

Ever been caught short with an empty gas cylinder? Perhaps even halfway through a BBQ or while using you gas heater?

Magnetic Knee Strap

Amazing Relief from Knee Pain with our Magnetic Knee Strap. Buy 2 for £18.98

Paper Log Maker

Briquette Maker makes use of old newspapers with this natural and very effective alternative to burning charcoal. The paper briquettes burn easily eliminating the need for fire lighters or barbecue fuel.
£19.99 £13.99

Plug in Battery Charger

Recharge your AA and AAA rechargeable batteries

Programmable Doorbell System

The ultimate Modular – Intelligent - Programmable Doorbell System

Rechargeable touch desk lamp

Adaptable rechargeable long life energy LED lamp.
£32.99 £20.00

Talking Atomic Watches

These atomic watches update automatically, adjusting to summer and winter time and the time in any country where a signal is received.