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Microfibre Cloths & Gloves

Easy and efficient, these Microfibre cloths & gloves will dust the interior of your car like magic, give you streak free windows, gleaming mirrors, and also have a multitude uses around the home.
£15.00 £9.99

Professional Mattress Cleaner

Mattresses cannot be effectively washed yet we spend years of our life sleeping on them, creating odours and mites, mould, fungus and unpleasant bacteria.

UV Sanitiser - Banish Bed Bugs!

Although we do not want to think about it, small bugs and germs live in our furniture and our bed.

Vacuum Storage Bags

You can now triple your storage space and protect out-of-season clothes and bed linen from dust, mildew and moths.

VAX 10 in 1 Steam Cleaner

Refresh and clean your home with this steam cleaner.

Vax Steam Cleaner

Freshen and clean your floors with this Steam Cleaner

Washing Tablets Box

Damp-free enamel storage tin with tight-fitting lid for washing tablets or powder.

Wine Away - One Bottle

Wine Away will make any red wine stain simply disappear!