High Pressure Guard

A visible warning of lost tyre pressure.
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Pressure Guard is an accurate and low cost device and are quick and easy to use, simply screw onto a correctly inflated tyre in place of the dust caps. 

The red and green indicators inside the Pressure Guard will immediately rise up and stop perfectly level.  If the green indicators fall back below the red indicator, your tyre has lost pressure, alerting you to re-inflate the tyre.  This movement starts at approximately 2 psi loss, getting greater as the loss increases. 

Once pressure loss is detected, re-inflate your tyre to the correct pressure and replace the Pressure Guard, which will automatically reset. 

By visually checking your tyres weekly as recommended you can tell in an instant if your tyre has lost pressure. 

Suitable for high pressue tyres, from 50-70 psi. Not suitable for spare tyres or vehicles left to stand over a period of time i.e. caravans left to stand over the winter months.