Queen’s 90th Birthday DVD's

Celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday with this 4 DVD box set.

Celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday, with over 63 years serving her country as the longest-reigning British Head of State and Queen Regnant in history.

Disc 1: The Queen’s Coronation – with dramatized excerpts and interviews with leading historians giving an inside view of the change of heart to televise the ceremony.

Disc 2: The amazing film of the Royal Wedding in 1947 was shot by the late Jack Cardiff shown here in full Technicolor.

Disc 3: Using stunning archive footage, The Changing Face of the Queen, gives an insight into the Queen’s life over her reign, for all her admirers.

Disc 4: Looking behind the pageantry, The Story of Royal London, shows all those places held close to the hearts of Londoners and the Royal Family such as St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey and the Bank of England.